Capital One Merchant Services Referral Program


Who is eligible to set up a profile?

Currently all Branch/Retail Bankers are encouraged to set up a user profile and begin submitting all qualified referrals through the Capital One Merchant Services Referral Program.


What is a valid referral?

A Qualified Referral is a submission with all appropriate fields completed in the form for a client that is a business owner and interested in Merchant Services.


What if my referral does not become a Merchant Services customer?

You will be able to track the status of all of your referrals through the dashboard. Depending on the reason they have not enrolled at this time, they may be put in a nurture campaign for Capital One Merchant Services to remain top of mind for when they are ready to change processors.


Do I need to know the person I am referring?

Referrals should be made for any client that you have met with and is interested in a Merchant Services account. It is not the policy of the bank to randomly submit Merchant Services leads without some sort of conversation with the client first.


What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions, please call the Partner Assist line at 866-501-8708 and we will be happy to help you.